Tiziano Baracchi was born in Verona (Italy) in 1972. Drawing and painting are a lifelong passion for him, but the discovery of illustration as a career path happened in the mid-eighties, thanks to D&D first edition.

Tiziano has painted for fifteen years in acrylics and oils before turning to digital art in 2006. His first published works were in the field of scientific illustration, specifically archaeological illustration with 'Egitto' (Egypt) published by the Italian publishing house Fratelli Fabbri Editori and 'I Tesori del Nilo' (DVD by Pixel Multimedia).

Tiziano's true love, though, was always fantasy/SF illustration, a field almost non-existent in his native Italy. Thanks to the world wide web and to Alaskan entrepreneur Ellen Million he found his first opportunities in the U.S.A. as fantasy/SF portraitist for players and collectors.

Since then he has turned to the gaming industry, painting for Fantasy Flight Games, Prall Multimedia, LightCon Media, Claymore Entertainment and Alephtar Games. His works have appeared in such annuals and publications as Exotique and ExposŤ (by Ballistic Publishing), ArtSquared,Digital Painters (by RAGE Publishing), Faerie Art (by Nestiveqnen Editions), Imagine FX, Painter Magazine, It's Art and 2D Artist.

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