This page will always be in progress, feel free to ask any question you might have about my works, my work-flow or art in general, I'll do my best to answer.

It goes without saying that I'll answer polite and understandable questions, right? Please remember that English isn't my first language, no slang and no texting-like short-hand, please.

One of your images looks like one of my characters, may I use it as forum avatar or character portrait ?

Sorry, I cannot grant permission to use those images to anyone but the original client. They were either commissioned by game-producing companies or by private clients that wanted an exclusive-use portrait of their character.

Do you accept private commissions?

Yes, I do. Depending on the status of my work-list I may not have places free at a specific moment, though. If you need a piece for a specific deadline it would be advisable to contact me early.

I am a self-published writer and would love you to illustrate my book, do you take this kind of work?

Yes,I do. I do not work for royalties,though, due to previous bad experiences.

Can I find somewhere a full list of the available prints /cards you have painted for A Game of Thrones LCG?

Yes, right here. They are:

Banner for the North
Flaming Pitch Tower
Scavengers of the Sea
The Raven's Song
Maester Vyman
Wolves of the North
Serve, Obey, Protect
Return of the Kraken
The Feast of the Crows
Stewart of the Watch
Shagga Son of Dolf
Timett Son of Timett
Black Hatchling
Tyrion's Enforcers
Robert Baratheon
Bound by Blood
The Laughing Storm
Maester Luwin
Oldtown Scholar
Dragon Lore
Ser Gerold Hightower
Meera Reed
Tyrion Lannister
Tywin Lannister
Arrogant Contender
Quentyn Martell
Arya Stark
Illyrio Mopatis
Archmaester Marwin
House of Dreams
Victarion's Scheme
Catelyn Stark
Grand Maester Pycelle
Dark Wings, Dark Words
Beric Dondarrion (promo alt-art)
All these (even those whose images aren't on this site) are available as prints, if interested feel free to contact me.

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